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Thesis submission from Magdalena Urbanska

Thesis submission from Magdalena Urbanska
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DWC PhD student Magdalena Urbanska submitted her thesis on Optical Coherence Elastography of the Vitreous Humour recently. Vitreous humour is the gelatinous substance inside the human eye that is very difficult to assess due to its location and near-transparent properties. Most methods extract the vitreous humour to measure its properties, however, extraction can affect the collagen network thereby changing vitreous humour mechanical properties. Magda developed a method for all-optical mechanical spectroscopy of the vitreous humour. This method may one day allow the effect of different eye diseases on the vitreous humour to be assessed non-destructively.

Magda is currently working as a research assistant in Frederique Vanholsbeeck’s laboratory while she waits on the referees comments on her PhD thesis.

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