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Paper published in Nature Communications

Paper published in Nature Communications
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Dodd-Walls Centre would like to congratulate member Dr Boyang Ding for getting their paper “Bandgap control in two-dimensional semiconductors via coherent doping of plasmonic hot electrons” scheduled for publication in Nature Communications on the 15th July 2021. Dr Ding and Prof. Min Qiu (Westlake Uni. China) being corresponding authors.

This work has been partly funded by DWC’s New Ideas grant and involved many DWC members, e.g. Yu-Hui Chen (known as Stephen, former DWC member), Dr. Kai Chen and Prof. Hodgkiss’ group in VUW (DWC member) and Prof. Richard Blaikie (DWC member).

Once the paper is published, it will be available to view online at http://www.nature.com/ncomms

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