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Dodd-Walls Centre Marsden Funding Success

Congratulations to our fifteen Dodd-Walls Centre Investigators and Associate Investigators in this year's Marsden Funding results. (Photo Supplied by Dr. Graff)

Dodd-Walls Centre Marsden Funding Success
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Professor David Hutchinson

This year's Marsden results have just been announced and there are, an amazing, [fifteen] Dodd-Walls Centre Investigators as Principal or Associate Investigators on some ten contracts. This is a truly incredible result and reflects the outstanding level of achievement and talent within the CoRE.

Congratulations to all those who were successful. Well done.

Investigators from the Dodd-Walls Centre for Quantum and Photonic Technologies received $7.96 Million funding across ten projects. Eight of the projects associated with Dodd-Walls Centre Investigators are for Standard Grants, two are Fast Starts, and a total of eight projects are led by Dodd-Walls Centre Investigators.

Furthermore though, I know all the hard work that goes in to these bids and we are not always successful. This result comes on the back of that repeated hard work. So I thank everyone who put in a bid, successful or not, and, for those not on the positive side today, I wish you luck next year.

Ngā mihi, nā

David Hutchinson

(Photo supplied by Dr. Marie Graff)

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