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The Year of Quantum is Coming

New Zealand’s leading scientists are celebrating today's United Nations’ proclamation that 2025 is the Year of Quantum Science and Technology.

The Year of Quantum is Coming
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Anna Verboeket

Te Whai Ao — Dodd-Walls Centre for Photonic and Quantum Technologies; its research programme, Quantum Technologies Aotearoa and the New Zealand Institute of Physics, have joined to support the global initiative which recognises 100 years since the initial development of quantum mechanics.

New Zealand has a proud history in the field, including Lord Rutherford’s pioneering work in nuclear and atomic physics. Another Kiwi, Professor Dan Walls, made groundbreaking contributions to understanding the behaviour of light and matter at the quantum level in the 1980s and 90s.

Director of Te Whai Ao — Dodd-Walls Centre, Professor Frédérique Vanholsbeeck, says the announcement highlights the profound impact of quantum science and technology on our understanding of nature and its potential to transform fields such as computing, communication and healthcare.

“Quantum technologies are revolutionising how the world thinks about information, energy, and the fundamental nature of reality. Our research at Te Whai Ao — Dodd-Walls Centre, inspired by Dan Walls’ legacy, is focused on pushing the boundaries of what is possible and bringing these technologies into everyday life," she says.

President of the New Zealand Institute of Physics, Professor Richard Easther, acknowledges New Zealand’s rich legacy in physics.

“By celebrating the International Year of Quantum Science and Technology, we honour the contributions of Ernest Rutherford and Dan Walls and we look forward to advancing New Zealand’s role in this exciting frontier."

Quantum Technologies Aotearoa is a newly formed research program focused on ensuring that New Zealand benefits from the advancement and adoption of quantum technologies. In 2023 it received a $12m government grant over five years, to foster international collaboration between academia, industry, and governments and to accelerate domestic capability.

A series of events will be held across the country in 2025 as part of the International Year of Quantum Science and Technology, to engage the public, inspire the next generation of scientists, and highlight the country’s contributions to quantum research and technology.

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