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Enterprise & Innovation Workshop (9th and 16th August)

Enterprise & Innovation Workshop (9th and 16th August)
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Ag@Otago in collaboration with The Dodd-Walls Centre for Photonics and Quantum Technologies will host a two day workshop on Enterprise and Innovation for Postgraduate students at the University of Otago, on Wed 09 & 16 August. The workshop will be led by Dr Chris Kirk, Univentures Ltd, who has considerable expertise in this area.

Six places are available for Postgraduate students, whose research is aligned with the Ag@Otago Research Theme. Anybody who is interested in attending these workshops should contact Emeritus Professor Frank Griffin, Director Ag@Otago: frank.griffin@otago.ac.nz for further details.

The workshop will identify ways that your scientific discoveries and ideas can be translated into practical outcomes. Details of the overall structure of an Enterprise and Innovation workshop programme will be made available to interested participants on request.

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