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DWC Investigators - 2017 Marsden Funding Round Success!

DWC Investigators - 2017 Marsden Funding Round Success!
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We are delighted to congratulate the following DWC Investigators on their success in the 2017 Marsden Funding round, announced earlier in November. The Marsden funding round is open to a diverse range of research topics and for DWC members and their physics research to be so successful, it is an outstanding achievement. Congratulations!

Dr Harald Schwefel (Otago) and Dr Miro Erkintalo (Auckland) – Microresonator frequency combs through second-order nonlinearities $910,000
Dr Ashton Bradley (Otago) and overseas collaborators – Making, Probing, and Understanding Two-Dimensional Quantum Turbulence $905,000
Professor Uli Zuelicke (Victoria) and collaborators – Supercharging electromagnetism: Tuneable magnetoelectricity in unconventional materials $905,000
Dr Amita Deb (Otago) – Single photon control of optical phase using ultracold Rydberg atoms $300,000 (Marsden Fast Start)
Dr Kai Chen (Victoria) – Photoluminescence shines a light on the exemplary optoelectronic properties in hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites $300,000 (Marsden Fast Start)

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