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DWC PhD Scholarships now available for 2018!

The Dodd-Walls Centre is offering numerous fully-funded scholarships for starting early 2018 across our major themes:

·        Sensing and Imaging

·        Photonic Sources and Components

·        Quantum Fluids and Gases

·        Quantum Manipulation and Quantum Information


Application deadline is 1 October 2017. Earlier applications will also be considered.

The major criteria are excellence and experience in one of our research areas. A PhD can be started at any time, and students generally complete in 3-4 years.

International PhD students pay the same costs as domestic students and are eligible for scholarships.

To apply for a postgraduate scholarship, choose a potential supervisor from our list of DWC researchers or the list of specific projects below, and contact the researcher by e-mail, providing a CV and academic transcript and names of two referees.

If you have any queries, please contact us at recruit@doddwalls.ac.nz.


DWC PhD Projects currently available for scholarships.


Related Scholarship Projects - These scholarships are offered by DWC researchers with grants related to DWC themes.

DWC-related PhD projects currently available for scholarships.


 DWC Postdoctoral Fellowships available for 2018!


The DWC is offering numerous Postdoctoral Fellowships across our major research themes.

The Dodd-Walls Centre will be appointing postdoctoral researchers to begin in 2018, and welcome expressions of interest from researchers and students nearing completion of their PhD. Postdoctoral candidates should have experience of working in photonics, quantum physics, or a related discipline, and a strong track record of publications.

We have research projects in the following areas and will post information here as postdoctoral fellowships become available. If you are interested in an upcoming postdoctoral fellowship, please contact the researcher listed. 

See below for a link to our current Postdoctoral Fellowship postings



Quantum Physics

- numerical modelling of lasers and optical cavities

- manipulation and control of single atoms

- mode-locked fibre lasers

- quantum computation

- optical frequency combs and cavity solitons

- Bose-Einstein condensates

- THz devices and applications

- multi-component BECs in designer potentials

 - optical sensing including optical coherence tomography

- finite temperature BEC dynamics

- nonlinear optics in waveguides

- quantum dynamics of ultra-cold Bose and Fermi gases

- cavity QED


- optical rogue waves


- laser micromachining