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DWC Seminar Series 2017

9 October 2017

The Dodd-Walls Centre is proud to present a series of seminars hosted by our themes on different topics and everyone is welcome to attend.   

Friday’s Photonic Sensors and Imaging (PSI) seminar is presented by Caroline Anyi, PhD Student,  School of Physical and Chemical Sciences, University of Canterbury.  As Rachel will be visiting Auckland collaborators, the presentation will take place in 303.610, University of Auckland.  

Title:         Experiements with Ring Laser Gyroscope

When:       Friday 13 October, 1.00pm (sharp) 

 Venues:     303.411 University of Auckland  

                  DWC Boardroom 320e, Dodd-Walls Centre, Science III, University of Otago

                  Anyone can join remotely via Zoom Meeting ID # 325 816 342 


Large ring laser gyroscopes are highly sensitive rotation sensors whose operating principle is based upon the Sagnac effect. They offer applications in geodesy, geophysics, seismology and fundamental physics. So far, Canterbury’s ring lasers run solely on the 632.8 nm neon transition. We propose to operate large ring lasers on different laser wavelengths because the scale factor of a ring laser depends on the operating wavelength in addition to geometrical factors. In this talk, I will discuss the technical details of a 1.6 m² ring laser gyroscope and overview of various experimental work undertaken to operate this device at shorter lasing wavelengths.